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My favorite place to tan in Evansville/Newburgh area...and I have attended Premiere, Laundry&Tan, and Larry Paul in the past as well, and none of them could compare to Lets Get Tan. I love how affordable your packages are, how nice your staff is, how fancy/clean the beds stay, the locations (Newburgh location being right beside my job), and the deals you seem to keep up with are awesome. Great selection of lotions, facial lotions, tan extenders as well. I've been going to your salon almost 10 years! keep up the great work and please keep expanding

Bryana Kolle reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

The Sting Bee at the north Green River Road location is one of best beds I have ever been in. You will definitely need a good base tan before getting into these red hot beds. Immediate color for those that may have hit a plateau. Quick color for someone wanting a tan fast. This bed delivers a pinkish tan that will turn to a dark one. You will need to use plenty of moisturizer after getting out of this one but the deep color you get will make it worthwhile.

Paula Reeves Hurt reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

I have been tanning with you guys for a little while now and I have to say last night was probably the best service I've had. I have a membership through here and Ashley was the one who helped me and I have to say she was absolutely amazing! She answered every question I had with an awesome and any time I purchase anything it will be with her. She did a wonderful job and does very well with her customers! Great attitude! Thank you Ashley for your help last night!!

Brittany Michelle reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

I feel really comfortable when I go in to tan and the staff is really cool and helpful with any questions that I may have about the beds and products. I always recommend to my friends.

Catrina Roxsanne reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

I love this place!! I do the sunless Evolv weekly and I am addicted! sherry and her staff are awesome!!!!

Teresia Hart Mitchell reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

Thank you so much to the guy at lets get tan in evansville indiana who overheard me on the phone begging my mom for 12 dollars to tan for the prom and he helped me out! You dont know how appreciative i am for that! So much i could cry so thank you and big shout out to you guys!!

Kaytlin Aileen reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

Been tanning here for about 4-5 months now. Very clean and has the nicest employees. I won't go anywhere else.

Cheyanne Jones reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star

Love this place! Everyone is always so nice! Very clean! Best place I've ever tanned at in Evansville & I've tried them all!

Satin Tidwell-White reviewed Lets Get Tan - 5 star