Skin Care

Skin care is an important part of tanning and red light therapy. We carry products from well known distributors such as Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Designer Skin, Mystic Tan and VersaSpa. These are the experts in skin care!

Many indoor tanning manufacturers have been including skin care ingredients in their tanning products for years. The combination of moisturizers in their products doesn’t just condition skin for U-V light, but they are designed to transfer high-quality skin nutrients deep into your skin to maximize your tanning potential, extend the life of your tan and care for your skin in the process. Accelerators, bronzers, tingles, blushes, exfoliators, amplifiers, or sunless products—we have something for everyone. Most facial lotions for tanners have skin care ingredients to firm, moisturize and help with pore reduction and fine lines and wrinkles and are made not just for tanning but to be used everyday under your makeup. If we do not have what you want please don’t hesitate to ask, there is a chance we can get it through our providers.