Evolv Heated Air Brush or the Norvell Air Brush

Developed by the professionals, our Evolv is the first-ever, heat-infused Airbrush Tanning System and it can travel! Schedule your party or call for an appointment, we would love to come to your bachelorette party. And the Norvell Air Brush which provides an immediate beautiful bronze formulated with a skin firming blend that builds and restores the skin's matrix. This is located at Virginia St. only.

Mystic HD

Mystic HD is a revolutionary heated sunless treatment that delivers flawless natural looking results. The Mystic HD is located at Virginia St., Pearl Dr, and Bell Oaks in Newburgh.

VersaSpa Skin Care System

This customizable sunless bed allows you to bronze, hydrate, and smooth your fine lines in only one session. Relax in our VersaSpa system today! The VersaSpa is located at each of our four locations.

MysticTan Kyss

The latest, greatest, and smartest in Sunless Technology! Mistake-proof with only 2 stances. Magnetan Technology which energizes the tanning solution to attract the mist to the skin for a perfect tan. Plus a heater like no heater before it! The Mystic Kyss is located at Virginia St & Pearl Dr.

Norvell Airbrush

Norvell Airbrush

Created with a natural DHA, Norvell provides flawless results for a broad spectrum of skin shades and types. No matter who you are, you are just moments away from the tan you desire. The Norvell is located at Bell Oaks in Newburgh but it can travel.